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If there is one thing that we love here over at The Footy Gang, then it is a good football podcast. During lockdown especially, football podcasts have become an excellent way to fill time, and what better way to do it than listening about the beautiful game that is football. Within this article, we will be discussing one of our favourite podcasts: The Scoreless Thriller. On The Footy Gang website, we have discussed a number of excellent football podcasts, each as great in their own way: I Had Trials Once, The Honest Football Podcast, The Fantasy5 Podcast, That Chelsea Podcast and The Football Fanalytics Podcast. We are certain that if you are a football fanatic, like ourselves, then you will love all of these football podcasts.

The below article has been written by Alex Peters over at the Scoreless Thriller Podcast.

The Scoreless Thriller Podcast comes from a simple idea, that the attraction to football has always foremost for me been about the human stories. Beyond the joy and emotion that the game can bring, beyond the tactics and beautiful play, what got myself hooked on the game was the characters and personalities involved.

In this way, our podcast tries to bring these characters and moments to life. We wanted to shed a light on some well known and some lesser known games in football history. The games themselves act as a window into the world and time that these players existed in, and as such we wanted to bring these stories to the fore.

Stories about classic football or even more recent games can get stuffy and lifeless, when the avenue that you discuss these games is emotionless and avoids the human dimension.

Therefore, we wanted our show not to be too heavy. Firstly, and obviously, neither of us are expert football tacticians, well versed in the minutiae of the game. But also, we did not want our show to appear too stuffy, a reeling off of statistics that does nothing to bring the people involved to life.

Instead, we focused on bringing out the stories and colour about the characters involved. We wanted to look at myths and the controversies of football history, and see whether they live up to the stories that we have told ourselves.

The show takes a familiar and consistent format. We rewatch the full match where available that we will be discussing. We discuss some of the things that grabbed our attention from the game, and then dive into the story and characters involved. Most of the games that we discuss have one key moment, or main narrative that has developed around them and we feel that by exploring this we can breathe new life into these old stories.

So what have we discussed so far? On our first podcast we covered the game between West Germany and Austria from the 1982 World Cup. This game has gone down in infamy, with how both teams appeared to conspire plucky underdogs Algeria. Our next show looked at Italy against South Korea from the 2002 World Cup, which featured an ‘interesting’ performance from Ecuadorian referee Byron Moreno. Since we have covered Suarez against Ghana, the 1966 World Cup final, the brilliant Brazil team of 1982 and West Germany vs Hungary from 1954.

Each of these teams and games has featured a fascinating story, which we have really enjoyed investigating and debating. On top of this, we try to keep it light-hearted throughout to keep people engaged. We are also really excited about what is coming up in the next few weeks. We have recorded an episode discussing the Australia 31-0 victory over American Samoa and the brilliant documentary “Next Goal Wins” which follows the Samoan team a decade after in their pursuit of their first official win.

After recording this episode, we were delighted to get Nicky Salapu on the show for an interview. Nicky’s first cap for his country came in that infamous Australia game, and we talked about the effect it had on him, as well as commitment and desire to keep playing for his country up to now, almost 20 years later. He has an incredible story of perseverance and optimism, and we feel that this shines through our chat with him. We really look forward to sharing these stories with our audience in the coming weeks.

If you listen to the show and enjoy it, or would just like to give some feedback do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Head over to the Scoreless Thriller Team on Twitter: @TheSTPod or if you would like to listen to their most recent episode, please click the Spotify graphic link in the previous paragraph. If you enjoyed this article let us know on our Twitter over at @TheFootyGang. If you are a fellow football podcaster and would like your podcast promoted on The Footy Gang website then feel free to get in touch.

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