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Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Macclesfield Town were liquidated on the 16th September 2020, bringing an end to their illustrious 146-year history as a football club. There were many tears amongst the Macclesfield Town faithful at the demise of their club, with much of the blame being pointed at their owner and majority shareholder Amar Alkadhi.

Alkadhi was the owner of the North-West based side since 2004 but his relationship with the Macclesfield Town supporters' dwindled due to lack of communication and apparent lack of interest in taking Macclesfield Town forward as a football club.

There was growing unrest amongst the Macclesfield Town supporters and this unrest was compounded when Amar Alkadhi made the decision to shut down part of the London Road Terrace, a part of the stadium where loyal fans had stood watching The Silkmen for many years, only hours before kick-off of one of their matches.

In December 2019, it was reported that local businessman Joe Sealey had "agreed a deal in principle to purchase the club from current Macclesfield Town owner Amar Alkadhi". In January 2020, Amar Alkadhi left a statement on the Macclesfield Town official club website indicating that "much progress has been made" and "bids have now been accepted in principle". However, the sale of Macclesfield Town never materialised, despite perspective owner Joe Sealey stating that he had the funds to make the deal happen.

During the 2019/20, Macclesfield Town players were not paid on numerous occasions, resulting in the players taking action into their own hands and going on strike. Along with a failed safety certificate on the Moss Rose Ground, these refusals resulted in point deductions for the club. These point deductions resulted in the side being relegated from League Two into the Conference, much to the dismay of the Macclesfield Town players who released a heartfelt statement questioning the EFL's decision.

Former Macclesfield Town midfielder Adam Dawson went on to open up on his struggles with mental health during his time at The Silkmen, in what would have been an extremely tough time for the players, staff and fans of the club.

Macclesfield Town begrudgingly accepted their relegation into the National League and appointed former Solihull Moors manager Tim Flowers to become the side's new manager. However, disaster struck for The Silkmen, only 4 days before their National League campaign was about to commence, Macclesfield Town were wound up at the High Court over debts totalling more than £500,000 after years of mismanagement under disgraced owner Amar Alkadhi.

There was much heartbreak, sorrow and anger at the demise of The Silkmen, a club with an illustrious 146-year history. However, fans of The Silkmen are being to feel hope again after what has been an extremely tough few years. In October 2020, less than a month after Macclesfield Town were liquidated, Macclesfield FC was born after local business Rob Smethurst purchased the assets of Macclesfield Town, renaming the club as Macclesfield FC, appointing Macclesfield legend Danny Whitaker as manager and former Premier League footballer Robbie Savage in as the club's Director Of Football.

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, it has yet to be decided by the FA which league Macclesfield FC will start in, however, it is expected to be the North West Counties league. There is growing optimism surrounding Macclesfield FC with owner Rob Smethurst, interacting with the supporters, completely renovating the Moss Rose ground and allowing local children to play on the Moss Rose ground free of charge.

Macclesfield FC assistant manager Anthony Curran revealed that Macclesfield FC's vision "is to develop the most successful and sustainable football club within the UK". Macclesfield FC will be hosting a number of trial events for footballers to give them the opportunity to sign for the club.

Macclesfield Town's demise resulted in the song “Save Our Silkmen” being created by Greg Jackson, chief songwriter for the local Macclesfield based band Glass Ankle. The song was greatly received by fans of Macclesfield Town and has spurred the creation of Glass Ankle's new song "Super Silkmen". The song "Super Silkmen" will be available for consumption on all major streaming and download platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, etc) from Friday 12th March 2021.

All money will be donated to The Silkmen Supporters Trust to be used for the regeneration and rejuvenation of the club and its facilities.

Ahead of the release of "Super Silkmen", The Footy Gang caught up with Glass Ankle's Greg Jackson to discuss the upcoming single release.

"As Macc Town was expelled from the National League 4 days before the start of the season, I found the imminent loss of the club I'd supported since I was very young completely overwhelming and distressing, even though the writing had been on the wall for some time.
Writing a song helped me channel the emotions I was feeling as I began to reminisce about match days at the Moss Rose, and yearn to be able to watch the Silkmen play without knowing this would ever be possible again.
The song back then was called "Save Our Silkmen". As well as being a straight-up love song, it was a rallying call to help bring fellow disillusioned Silkmen fans together as planning for the formation of a phoenix club got underway. Little did I know that, a few weeks later as I was starting to arrange to record the song a little more professionally, the club would be saved by the new owner, Robert Smethurst. Spurred on by the fan response to the song, I decided to go ahead and record a more polished version with tweaked lyrics to reflect the new sense of optimism. “Super Silkmen” is the result. Fans were invited to sing on the record in the brief period when lockdown was eased, along with some of my friends and family. All recording and mixing was carried by myself at home and the practice room my bandmates and I rent in Stockport (boo!).
My hopes for Macclesfield FC for the future are that we are able to navigate our way back to league football swiftly, and at the same time remain financially secure. I think the journey is going to be a lot of fun! I also hope for the club to engage more with the community than before, and so far things are looking very encouraging. The new owner has already put in place some great initiatives to achieve this."

Here at The Footy Gang, we wish Glass Ankle all the best in the release of the new "Super Silkmen" single and we will be sure to give it a listen on its release date which is Friday 12th March 2021. If you would like to listen to the current top tracks from Glass Ankle, please click on the embedded Spotify link below.

UPDATE: To listen to Glass Ankle's 'Super Silkmen', please click on the embedded Spotify link below.

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