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Within this section, The Footy Gang discuss their favourite football podcast. We have already discussed the excellent I Had Trials Once Podcast, we now be talking about The Honest Football Podcast.

The below article has been written by the guys over at The Honest Football Podcast.

The Honest Football Podcast is a YouTube channel which sees Daniel Coady, Craig Savage & Charlie Betts tackle the serious and trivial issues in football. Join us for a light hearted football discussion, with a range of topics and a focus on the lower leagues, non league and grassroots football. We've also got some very special and familiar guests too!

Our content currently consists of regular prediction shows, topical podcasts and football interviews, which feature a host of brilliant names involved in the professional or non-league game. Keep an eye out for our live Matchday Vlogs too, which we hope can soon re-commence following the current lockdown restrictions!

We're not here to create controversy either. Our job is to share the information, as well as our opinion, in a balanced manner. Our hope is to open a forum for sensible debate amongst real football fans in our comments.

Let's talk predictions... During lockdown, we had this wonderful idea to try and predict the most unpredictable league in the world, the Championship! As well as currently hosting Daniel & Craig's beloved Luton Town, it's also a league we love watching and talking about. It seems to have gone down really well & it's been our most consistently viewed series in the past month. We also release special one-off prediction shows too, such as playoff finals, cup finals & more. The biggest success being our recent League One Playoff Final special, which went absolutely insane!

We've also seen a huge growth in our topical podcasts. This is our opportunity to react to breaking news affecting lower league football. Recent examples, included the decisions to end League 1 & 2, followed by the decision to end the National Leagues. The most recent edition sees us react to Wigan's shock administration.

One of our favourite series on the channel is the Matchday Vlogs playlist. What's better for a football fan than going to a live game? We think nothing tops it! Prior to lockdown, we'd been to some incredible matches & had amazing feedback on our Vlogs. It's also given us the opportunity to gain 'behind the scenes' access at football grounds and speak to club staff in official media rooms. The highlight has to be the best FA Cup tie of the season, as Tranmere came back from 3 down to earn a replay against Premier League Watford. Being part of the extremely vocal away following was an epic experience, not to mention having our Vlog fantastically supported by the club and board on social media. Just don't expect too much live match action, as we're football fans once the whistle goes!

We finish with perhaps our most surprising success in recent months. Our interview series, My Football Story, started as the chance to speak to football fans and like minded people about the beautiful game. This series has now developed into a dream for us, as we've had the opportunity to speak to a number of current and former professionals about their life in the game. We've also been fortunate enough to speak to a number of coaches and professional media staff, such as Soccer Saturday & TalkSport star Faye Carruthers more recently. We've covered almost every level of the British game (from both men's and women's football) in these interviews and are really proud with the portfolio we've built!

The series has also provided out biggest and most pleasant surprise as a podcast so far. Firstly, just how humble, personable and honest so many professional football players and staff are. The highlight has to be an interview with Antoni Sarcevic, at the time of Plymouth Argyle, now of Bolton Wanderers. Antoni's interview has received such positive feedback on social media, been used on many third party publications including The Footy Gang and has now accumulated a hugely unexpected number of views and watch time. It's opened the door for us to speak to so many more professionals, all of whom have a unique and insightful story to tell.

We've been growing really quickly recently and can't thank everyone enough for watching. If you haven't seen our content yet, we'd love it if you could check out our YouTube channel and give us a try. If you like what you see, then please subscribe for regular content from The Honest Football Podcast.

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