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Within this article, The Footy Gang will be discussing one of their favourite football podcasts, an excellent listen to get you through lockdown. We have already delved into a number of excellent podcasts such as I Had Trials Once, The Honest Football Podcast and also the Fantasy5 Podcast and today we will be talking about The Football Fanalytics Podcast, a truly fantastic listen if you love in-depth football analysis.

‘The Football Fanalytics Podcast’ is a brand new podcast, featuring two best mates, Ryan Bailey (TV Producer, and very average 5-a-sider), and Mark Carey (Football Analytics Blogger, and massive Liverpool fan). The podcast was created out of a shared love of football and a goal to make the in-depth world of football analytics more accessible to the everyday football fan! If you love ‘Monday Night Football’ analysis and if the punditry is your favourite part of ‘Match of the Day’ then this podcast is right up your street.

The boys became mates playing Sunday league together, and have a bottomless pool of grassroot anecdotes and football fan-isms. Between them, Ryan injects endless levels of football enthusiasm, while Mark offers further insight by applying a statistical approach to the beautiful game!

When analysing football, there can be a gulf between two extreme perspectives; you have your football purists who take a more ‘no-nonsense’ approach, and those who like to communicate the game through graphs and statistics. ‘The Football Fanalytics Podcast’ aims to bridge that gap! The two sides are designed to work together - analytics isn’t there to replace your football opinions and instincts, it’s there to enhance them!

Each week the show tackles (two footed!) a different footballing topic. These vary from player profiles and performance stats, to manager’s tactics and playing styles, but this is not just a podcast full of numbers! The Fanalytics Pod encourages you to be a part of the chat, and everything is looked at from the fan’s point of view. They put a big emphasis on high quality production values and content that is both entertaining and informative.

Below are the Spotify Podcasts links to the first three episodes, and a brief summary of each. You can follow this podcast on Twitter: @fanalyticspod and remember to share and subscribe!

Episode 1

This probably won’t be the first time you hear the phrase ‘Expected Goals (xG)’. But while many football fans will be aware of the term, some still ask “What is the point of xG?”.

In their first episode, the Football Fanalytics team explore all things ‘Expected Goals’ and look at why this model can be so useful to determine the likelihood of scoring!

Episode 2

How do you explain to someone who has never watched a game of football, that Roy Keane and Robert Pires were both ‘midfielders’? They played totally different roles in their team!

In Episode 2, Ryan and Mark take an in depth look at midfield playing styles across Europe. They look at how the role of the midfielder has evolved over the years, and explore how you could use analytics to find a bargain buy in the transfer window.

Episode 3

“Players begin to decline when they reach the age of 30.” Well, try and tell that to Ryan Giggs!

In Episode 3, The Football Fanalytics team delve deeper into what is meant by a player’s ‘peak age’. Is it a definitive bracket that applies to all players? How does it vary from each position? Are we talking about physical performance, or technical ability?

We hope you enjoyed this article on the excellent Football Fanalytics Podcast. If you did head over to our Twitter @TheFootyGang and let us know. If you are a fellow football podcast host and would like to promote your podcast on The Footy Gang website, feel free to get in touch.

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