STATEMENT: Macclesfield Town Players and Staff

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

Ahead of the EFL hearing tomorrow which could see League Two side Macclesfield Town relegated into the National League, the Macclesfield players and staff have released the following statement:

"First of all, we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to everyone who has reached out to us in order to offer their support - both over the course of the last few days and throughout the 2019 / 20 season as a whole.

It has been widely documented that the campaign has been a tumultuous one for many reasons and although our remaining schedule has now formally been curtailed, the seemingly never-ending torment that we have all been subjected to has yet to run it's course.

Although we have to respect the outcome of the recent EFL vote regarding how points per game should be calculated, this further exemplified the fact that our ultimate fate will be determined far away from the field of play.

The imposition of a further 2.6 point deduction solely as a result of the methodology employed is understandably a bitter pill to swallow and unquestionably has the potential to have far-reaching and cataclysmic consequences - the effects of which could well be permanent on both personal and collective levels.

This is despite the fact that we won more than double the amount of games as our closest rivals and amassed fourteen more points than them on the field of play.

In our opinion, this compromises the premise of sporting integrity and further penalises those who are the true victims of this heart-wrenching tale most - the players, the staff and our wonderfully-loyal fans.

Throughout the last two seasons, we have all seen the incredibly poignant messages surrounding mental health which have been championed by all Clubs within the EFL. Yet it is an accurate reflection of our collective wellbeing to perceive that the notion of being "On Your Side" hasn't really applied to us here at Macclesfield Town.

We feel like our own mental health has been disregarded at every turn and this has manifested itself in respect of the fact that many of our players and staff have had to battle and continue to battle, with tangible and often debilitating symptoms of mental illness.

Names will be concealed to protect the innocent, but we have all endured sights which will live with us all forevermore. Whether it be the shedding of tears in the dressing room, the clearly visible and heartbreaking impact of how our family lives have rapidly declined, or the mental breakdowns experienced by people who have literally been working extreme hours in order to do their very best for the Club - we really have seen it all.

Fundamentally, the triggering of our mental wellbeing struggles has been down to the way we have been treated by the Club in general - there is no getting away from that. Nobody is saying that as a Club we haven't made mistakes over the past twelve months, clearly we have and monumental ones at that.

Yet it is also accurate to state that this has been compounded by the actions of others, who are seemingly doing everything that they possibly can to remove us from the League.

This belief is given added weight when we consider the plight of other Clubs who have breached the same regulations and yet, have been sanctioned for this in a visibly more lenient manner.

In this respect, we understandably feel that we are being targeted unfairly over and over again.

After all we have been through and continue to go through, all we ask now is that sporting integrity is upheld and the previously forgotten voices of all those who have suffered so acutely and in ways which we will never adequately be able to articulate, are finally heard.

Macclesfield Town FC Players and Staff."

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UPDATE (03/07/20) - After the Independent Disciplinary Commission came to the decision to keep Macclesfield Town in the Football League, it was announced that the EFL are appealing this decision. The EFL want Macclesfield Town to be relegated and Stevenage keep their place in League Two.

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