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The Footy Gang love a good football podcast and have written a number of articles on their favourite football podcasts. We have discussed the excellent I Had Trials Once, The Honest Football Podcast, Fantasy5 Podcast, That Chelsea Podcast, The Football Fanalytics Podcast, The Scoreless Thriller Podcast, Bench'd football podcast and the VAR at the Bar Podcast. In this article, we will be discussing the Dan Tracey's excellent Real Football Cast.

The below article has been written by Dan Tracey, the host of the Real Football Cast.

Like most projects, it comes in the evolution of another and the Real Football Cast is no different. The genesis of all of this was back in 2015, when I (Dan Tracey) started the Real Football Man website and although it is still active, its status is more that of life support. However, as one door closes, another one opens and after pouring countless hours into the realm of blogging, I always had a sense that my time and my views were not being used to their fullest and this is where the Real Football Cast podcast was born.

Created in 2018, it was the natural progression from the website and instead of offering countless words for copy (I think there were something in the region of 5,000 published articles on the website), I believed that discussion was now the way to go. Therefore, instead of just giving my viewpoint and operating in something of an echo chamber, the stance was instead one that saw me act as host, as a range of guests give their views on the week in football.

Primarily a Premier League based podcast, it is more about breadth than depth and although we are more than capable of diving into the biggest stories, it is also fair to cover as much as we can and in doing so, we are not ‘Big Six’ focused.

The first few weeks was all about finding a groove and seeing what ideas worked, looking back there’s little oomph in my voice and it perhaps the podcast tried to be a little too hard to be funny in its early days. Now though, with a settled cast, then opposed to chopping and changing each week, it has meant that the conversation is flowing quicker, the debate is more intense and more importantly, everything feels natural.

As we aim to cover all 20 Premier League clubs per week (apologies if your team gets left out), the runtime is sixty minutes and I think that’s just as long as a podcast should be, any longer and you may lose any potential audience before they’ve pressed play.

Of course, with the COVID-19 landscape being as it is, podcasts have not been immune to suffering either and if your previous listeners are not digesting your content on their dreaded commute, this brings its own challenges.

However, as I end the second season and plan for the third, I believe that the podcasts as a ‘product’ are getting even better and as a consequence of this, it has enabled to pursue this more as a career rather than a hobby.

At first, there was an element of frustration and one that came with asking ‘why is my podcast getting massive audience figures straight out of the gate’, but the more I think about it and the more I relax this stance, the greater enjoyment I get out of it. An enjoyment that I hope is portrayed during the episodes themselves and although I am the host, I would be nothing without my guests and with that in mind, I have to give a huge thanks to the man who wears the captain’s armband most weeks.

Karl, my right-hand man, has been an excellent addition to the podcast since early in the first season and although I cannot remember his exact appearance count, it is easily over 50 – perhaps closer to 75 episodes. Which with the podcast’s century on the horizon for early next season, reaching the big 100 as a project really adds a level of legitimacy for the show and especially when you look at the average lifespan of a podcast.

Usually a podcast will only do seven episodes and although that is usually down to the subject topic not being extensive one, to still turn up every week for the past two years and write/host/edit the show, is testament to the work that is done.

If this stays an underground hit, then so be it, but I have to be honest, if I keep at it, it will only grow bigger and everyone who has come into contact with the podcast, has only had nice things to say about it. Sometimes, you question why you do this and then you get a message of good feedback – the ignition spark to keep at it and the reminder of just why you do it in the first place and if I only get the odd insight from time to time, that is still more than enough for me.

Anyway, I have written far too many words of self-praise and am starting to feel uncomfortable by it now. Therefore, I would like the podcast to do the rest of the talking for me and with that in mind, here is the final episode of Season 2 for you to listen to. Roll on September!

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