Jordan Stewart blasts departing Burton Albion Manager

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Former Watford and Derby County left back Jordan Stewart has opened up on his relationship with his former manager Nigel Clough, labelling him a "dinosaur" and describing his training sessions as "awful".

Back in May 2008, Jordan Stewart signed a three year contract at Derby County, who had recently been relegated from the Premier League in a deal that was "three times the wages" he was previously receiving at fellow Championship side Watford. Paul Jewell was the man in charge at the time before he was sacked and replaced by Nigel Clough in January 2009. Stewart describes that even though "he was making good money" at Derby, that it "wasn't a good time" at the club.

Despite making 26 appearances in his only season at the club, Stewart was made to train with the youth team after falling out of favour, with Clough prefering Jay McEveley in the left back berth.

Speaking on the Undr The Cosh podcast, Stewart described Clough, who has recently stepped down from the managerial hotseat at Championship side Burton Albion, as just "wanting him out the club" but stated he was never spoken to personally to state any reasons why he was no longer wanted.

In the period where Stewart was made to train with the youth team, he mentions that the relationship between himself and Nigel Clough was at an all time low. To purposely rile his manager, he used to "come in in the morning (for training) and park in his space".

When asked about Clough's management style, Stewart described Clough as a "dinosaur" and his training sessions as "awful". Stewart stated that he "wasn't sure whether he was trying to replicate his Dad (Brian Clough)" but states "everything about him, I hate". Stewart mentions that he doesn't hate a lot of people in football however the way "he (Clough) treated people and the way he was, I didn't get on one bit with him".

Stewart describes how Clough never sat down with him to tell him he was not part of his plans going forwards and throughout a time-frame of two months, Stewart "received no communication on what was the issue".

On leaving the Derby County after his sole season at the club, Stewart described how he "was on the verge of signing for Newcastle" however unfortunately for the left back, Newcastle went on to sign Jose Enrique instead, who went on later in his career to sign for Liverpool.

Stewart went on to sign for Sheffield United before moving to a number of other English Football League sides such as Notts County and Millwall before eventually finishing his career in America, firstly playing for San Jose Earthquakes before moving to Pheonix Rising, where he played alongside Didier Drogba.

Nigel Clough went on to spend four seasons at Derby County before himself moving to Sheffield United- Jordan Stewart had already departed the club by this point. After a unsuccessful spell at The Blades, Clough moved back to Burton Albion, the side he had managed before his spell at Derby County. Clough's second time at Burton Albion has recently come to an end as he has stepped down from the managerial hotseat amid the Coronavirus pandemic, with Burton Albion chairman Ben Robinson stating that the club needed to make "difficult financial decisions" to ensure the future of the football club- due to this, Nigel Clough agreed to step down as manager.

If you would like to listen to full Undr The Cosh podcast with Jordan Stewart then please click the link below. In the podcast, Stewart, who currently lives in Los Angeles, discusses his footballing career and what his plans are the the future. The Undr The Cosh podcast is hosted by former footballers, Jon Parkin and Chris Brown.

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