Iain Hume blasts former Sheffield United defender Chris Morgan

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Back in 2008, in a Championship match between Barnsley and Sheffield United, Iain Hume, 25, ended up with a fractured skull after an elbow from Sheffield United defender Chris Morgan. Hume has revealed on the Undr The Cosh Podcast that "he will never forgive him (Chris Morgan)" for what he did.

Sheffield United went on to win the match by two goals to one, with former Southampton and Everton striker James Beattie grabbing both goals for The Blades. However, in a bad tempered match, which saw both sides reduced to 10 men, the South Yorkshire derby will be remembered by many, even now, 12 years on, due to the horrendous injury suffered by Iain Hume. An elbow from Chris Morgan resulted in Hume fracturing his skull, with Hume describing it "the worst pain" he had ever felt. The injury resulted in the Canadian spending 48 hours in high-dependency unit on Manchester hospital after the life threatening injury.

If you would like to view the challenge that resulted in Hume fracturing his skull, please view the video below. However, we warn you, it is not for the squeamish, with the video being an even tougher watch when you know the injury that occurred.

Fortunately, for Hume, he managed to continue to play professional football, with many thinking that the injury may cause him to retire. Hume revealed that doctors advised the Canadian international that if he did want to continue playing, then he would need to wear a padded helmet, similar to the one worn by Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech however, Hume refused.

Hume revealed that after going to hospital, doctors originally dismissed the forward's worries, with the doctors saying that Hume had suffered nothing more than "serious concussion". However, somewhat fortunately, on his way out of the hospital, he was sick, which worried the doctors. The doctors then took Hume in for a CT scan and found he had indeed fractured his skull, revealing "that if he had of left the hospital, he would of been dead within a couple of hours".

Even though Hume was advised "to take the case criminal", the case "never went to court". This resulted in Hume admitting that he "lost all belief in the justice system, particularly The FA". The FA revealed that they were taking no more action against Morgan for the challenge that left Iain Hume "2 hours away from dying" with a fractured skull. The FA stated that reason behind this was because they cannot upgrade yellow cards to red- Morgan was booked for the incident.

Talking about the incident, Hume revealed that he "would like to think nobody in football goes out to injure somebody as bad as he did, but he (Chris Morgan) has definitely gone to hurt me". Hume revealed that he "lost all professional respect" for Morgan after Hume received no contact from Morgan once the seriousness of the injury was revealed.

The season after, when Hume was back playing and the pair came face-to-face, Hume revealed that when he was substituted, Morgan shook Hume's hand and said "lets make this look good for the cameras". This was where Hume stated that "there is no point being civil about it anymore", stating if he had of gone to see him at the hospital, he could of forgiven him, but now he "will never forgive him".

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Twelve years since the incident, Hume now 36, was most recently playing for Pune City in the Indian Super League. Morgan retired from professional football back in 2012 and holds the Sheffield United and Barnsley club record for most amount of red cards for both clubs. After a coaching spell at The Blades, Morgan moved as First Team Coach to Chesterfield but was sacked after just over a year before joining Port Vale in 2017. Morgan left Port Vale in October 2017 and has yet to return to football. Hume however, reiterated his desire to continue playing football and if it was his choice he "would play until he was 50". Iain Hume admitted, the life changing injury did make him "re-evaluate his life and what is important". 12 years on the infamous South Yorkshire derby is still being discussed and will be remembered by many for a very long time.

If you would like to listen to the full interview with Iain Hume, please click the video below. Hume, who has played for a number of Football League sides, as well as playing in India and also Spain, discusses his footballing career, the Chris Morgan incident and his plans for the future. Hume also discusses when he played alongside former Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspurs and Monaco striker Dimitar Berbatov while at Indian side Kerala Blasters.

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