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Within this section, we will be discussing The Footy Gang’s favourite football YouTubers. The YouTube channel we will be discussing is ‘George Priestman’s Football World’ (GPFW), an excellent European Football content-based YouTube channel with an ever growing amount of subscribers.

In The Footy Gang's opinion, this Football YouTube channel definitely deserves more subscribers and views and you can see by the videos produced, which we will discuss in more detail below, the amount of time an effort put into this channel. Admittedly, the GPFW YouTube channel is still in its early stages, however it is ever improving and offers a great insight into the football world landscape.

Over the years, football YouTube channels have been extremely popular and the competition amongst football YouTubers is very fierce. YouTube is a wonderful platform for aspiring football journalists, like George Priestman, to express and demonstrate his football knowledge to a wide-scale audience.

In terms of the channel: George Priestman's Football World, it boasts a similar sort of layout to the very popular ‘HITC Sport’ channel. HITC Sport is an excellent and popular YouTube channel amongst many who are football fanatics like ourselves. However, what makes George's GPFW YouTube channel excellent, is that the fact that George adds that personal element to his videos, adding his own personal commentary and including relevant information, whether that be in the form of videos, GIF's or an assortment of graphics to ensure he goes that 'extra mile' for his viewers.

If you are a fan of top level football, then George Priestman's Football World is an excellent YouTube channel that you must definitely make sure you are subscribed to. The channel itself showcases a high level of detail into the top five European Leagues: The English Premier League, the Spanish La Liga, the Italian Serie A, the German Bundesliga and the French Ligue 1.

If you want to learn more about football from all over the world then George Priestman's Football World is the perfect YouTube channel for you. George's videos look at producing new information regarding European football, looking to help shine a light on players that are ‘up and coming’ or ‘under the radar’ as well as players who aren't regularly discussed within the mainstream media. The GPFW football YouTube channel takes on big issues that are in the news such as big transfer rumours, who teams should sign and who is the best starting eleven in the world right now and much more.

As mentioned previously, George has strong aspirations to become a sports journalist and where better to showcase his talents than his YouTube channel. George is heading to University in the near future to in fact study for a Masters degree in Sports Journalism.

In terms of social media, George is very active on Twitter (@gpriestman1998) and is always looking to debate football with anyone who wants to. He’s regularly tweeting football opinions and sharing his work. If you want to see any videos get made, message him or comment on his videos asking for a topic to be looked at and he will be more than happy to do so.

If you enjoyed this article, please let us know on our Twitter at @TheFootyGang. If you would like to head over to YouTube to check out this excellent up and coming football YouTuber then please click the following link: George Priestman's Football World (GPFW). If you would like to contact George directly, please head over to his Twitter account: @gpriestman1998.

If there are any other YouTubers who would like us to promote their channel, please get in touch.

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