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Within this article we will be discussing our favourite football podcasts. We have already talked about the fantastic I Had Trials Once podcast, which is hosted by former Salford City strikers Gareth Seddon and Jordan Hulme, as well as the excellent Honest Football Podcast hosted by Daniel Coady, Craig Savage and Charlie Betts. In this article, we will be talking about the Fantasy5 podcast- an excellent listen if you are looking to kill some time during the COVID-19 pandemic, especially during this turbulent lockdown period.

Here at The Footy Gang, we love our football podcasts. When looking for that perfect football podcast, you want to find a podcast which is informative, keeps you entertained and makes you feel like you can get involved. The Fantasy5 podcast does just that.

If you haven't listened to football podcasts before, then why not start with the Fantasy5 podcast? Podcasts aren't only entertaining, but they are also a great educational tool. Hear from fellow football fans, maybe from a different era than yourself, broaden your football knowledge and most of all, enjoy listening while you do.

Fantasy5 is a discussion based podcast in which football fans are invited on to the virtual 3G pitch and choose their dream five-a-side team. It could be made up of players from the guest's own club, ex-players may choose a team made up of their former team-mates or in the case of our first two episodes the team could be made coming under a certain theme. What would your dream 5 a side be? Let us know over on our Twitter: @TheFootyGang.

We've all played five-a-side in some description over the course of our respective football 'careers'. Many will have often wondered who you'd like to share the pitch with, picturing yourself lining up alongside the greats. Can you imagine, Premier League stars such as Marcus Rashford moaning that the bibs haven't been washed or telling us they have forgotten their wallet and will pay double subs next week! The Fantasy5 podcast provides an opportunity for fans to do just that and select their dream team.

Fantasy5 are a relatively new football podcast and at the time of writing, have released 4 episodes. However, due to the success so far, the guys over at Fantasy5 are committed to producing high quality podcasts with an array of interesting and engaging guests on a regular basis. Below, we have provided a Spotify link to each of their podcast episodes and have provided a brief summary of what you can expect to hear.

In our first episode the Fantasy5 podcast had Rich Nelson from 'Magnificent: The 1980s Football Podcast' choosing his team of the decade.

Mark Godfrey from the 'Vincera!' Italia 90 podcast chose his team of the tournament in episode two.

For episode three the Fantasy5 team were joined by author and Crystal Palace fan Richard Foster who selected his dream Eagles team.

The gloves came off in their most recent episode (Friday July 17th 2020) when Shoot The Defence's Mike Pieri chose his dream Manchester United team to go up against a legendary Chelsea side selected by That Chelsea Podcast's Nick Williams.

The Fantasy5 podcast is available on all the usual platforms such as Apple Podcasts, as well as the Spotify links above. Fantasy5 are also on Twitter: @Fantasy5Podcast and make sure you head over to Fantasy5 website where you can find information to when their next podcast will be released. Keep your eyes peeled on these platforms for details of future episodes and general football chit chat too.

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