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Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Within this section, we will be discussing The Footy Gang's favourite YouTubers. The first YouTuber we will be writing about is 'DoctorBenjy FM', an excellent Football Manager based YouTube channel with just under 80,000 YouTube subscribers.

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Over the years, football gaming YouTube channels have grown spectacularly in popularity due to the rise in esports, especially with the introduction of Twitch, a live streaming gaming platform.

On YouTube, FIFA 20 content is still the most popular type of YouTube content. This has been the case for a number of years since the meteoric rise of KSIOlajidebtHD who started as a FIFA YouTuber.

However, there has been a rise in popularity and viewing figures of Football Manager YouTubers and DoctorBenjy FM is one of the best around due to his innovative, unique and engaging style of YouTube videos.

DoctorBenjy FM, joined YouTube in 2014 and at the time of writing, DoctorBenjy FM's videos have had just under 33 million views. The creator of DoctorBenjy FM's YouTube channel is Liverpool supporter Ben Carr- Ben, is active on YouTube, Twitch and Twitter where to consistently interacts with his ever growing number of fans.

Doctor Benjy FM, has an excellent knack of continuing to keep his YouTube videos unique and enjoyable to watch. Over the years, he has invented a number of fantastic Football Manager YouTube series. As well leaving daily YouTube content, at an extremely high standard, Ben also regular plays Football Manager on his Twitch channel. The clever skill that DoctorBenjy adopts is that he manages to turn his Football Manager YouTube videos into stories, encapsulating the attention of his viewers and even at times, creating merchandise for his fans' to purchase.

Glory Hunter, is DoctorBenjy FM's current YouTube Football Manager series where at the time of writing, has amassed 174 episodes to date. In this innovative Football Manager YouTube series, DoctorBenjy FM's aims to win the league and cup within England, France, Italy and Spain. As well as this, DoctorBenjy FM needs to also win the Champions League, The Europa League, The European Championship and the World Cup. DoctorBenjy FM has given himself 20 seasons to complete this challenge. The series has been extremely successful with tens of thousands of viewers flocking in on a daily basis to watch DoctorBenjy FM's YouTube videos.

If you like to watch DoctorBenjy FM's Glory Hunter YouTube series then please view the video below:

There are a number of other excellent Football Manager YouTubers such as @Lollujo, @WorkTheSpace and @Docklanders. Click on their names to head to their YouTube channels. You will be certain to love all of these YouTubers if you are a fan of Football Manager. The trio have their own innovative and unique style but all, like DoctorBenjy FM, create enjoyable and interactive videos.

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