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Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Within this article, The Footy Gang will be discussing one of their favourite football YouTube channels. The YouTube channel that we will be writing about is the excellent: Around The Ground YouTube channel- an excellent watch for any football fan, especially if you are a supporter of Non-League or grassroots football.

What do AFC Fylde, Bilston Town, Great Yarmouth Town and Paulsgrove football clubs all have in common? They have all been covered by Chris White on his YouTube channel ‘Around The Ground’. In total, well over 100 grounds have been visited, giving viewers a realtime experience of visiting a football ground.

Photographs of football grounds are scattered all over social media through websites, blogs and social media, this YouTube channel puts a twist on this idea. A walk around each ground with a hand held camera, giving viewers the experience of completing a lap of the pitch and seeing little nooks and crannies that you do not normally see.

Bored with offerings on the TV, Chris started watching YouTube and loved the idea that you can fill your inbox with content and subjects that you want to watch. The obvious next step was to create a personalised channel. Chris got to thinking, “What would I like to see a YouTube channel cover”. The obvious answer was Non-League football. As a keen ground-hopper, the part of this hobby that Chris loves the most is to walk through the gates for the first time, not knowing what you are going to find.

Around The Ground is a play on this emotion and is specifically designed for folk to have a more in-depth look at grounds they may have never had the opportunity to visit, a nostalgic look at a ground visited many years ago and maybe even for people around the World to see the set-up of non-league clubs in the UK. With known subscribers in Africa and Australia, the channel has already reached different continents.

Originally, the videos were purely a walk Around The Ground with commentary. The format has evolved especially over the last 18 months and has settled into the following routine.

A cheesy intro, indeed this segment has had so many comments, a video was produced during lockdown with a selection of favourite intros; Poems, music, songs, gags, it is now one of Chris’s favourite segments to produce. This is followed by the traditional walk around the ground, first half match highlights, a YouTuber or contact from another channel or club reading out the halftime score, second half highlights, a wrap up segment with thoughts on the game, a collection of stills set to jaunty music.

Although still a relatively young and small channel with a mere 380 subscribers, it does have a loyal following and friends have been made through the channel by Chris who he has never laid eyes on. Subscribers is not the end goal, although of course they are nice, the objective is for people to enjoy having the opportunity to see a wide range of non-league clubs from all levels of the pyramid.

Chris is aware that several people have visited clubs after watching one of his videos and each time this happens, it makes the whole thing worth while. Humour is at the forefront of everything that Chris does, “I want people to enjoy the content and to do so with a smile on their face”.

There is also an element of interaction. As previously mentioned, Chris uses a variety of people to shout-out the half time score. Pre-recorded, he pastes this in to each video. He is always on the look out for more contributors, so if you have a spare five minutes, message him through his Youtube channel or @YT40 on Twitter and he will send you the script and let you know how to forward a video. In addition to this, each known new subscriber gets a shout-out with a pun on their name. “Each subscriber is genuinely appreciated and I want them to know that”.

Here are a few of the highlights that Chris has seen and covered on his channel. The amazing floodlights at Desborough, the iconic stand at AFC Fylde, the soon to be disappeared Bootham Crescent at York and a rare visit to a football league ground at Griffin Park, Brentford. A giant Minion at Sheppey and the extraordinary training facility at Tottenham Hotspur, this particular video has had over six thousand views.

Due to the pandemic, new content has been extremely thin on the ground over the last few months, with lockdown measures slowly easing, hopefully plenty of new content is just around the corner.

Ideas for consideration and improvement are genuinely encouraged, “The interaction with viewers is the most pleasing part of this hobby. Additionally, offers from clubs to visit are always welcome. One unexpected such offer from Chesham United just a couple of weeks ago allowed access to behind the scenes areas and despite no game being on offer, it was one of the most enjoyable club visits that Chris has experienced.

So give it a view, if it’s not for you, that’s not a problem, if you enjoy it, maybe subscribe and open your YouTube feed to a whole new World of weird and wonderful non-league grounds.

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